Travel Insurance

Things can happen when you’re travelling that are out of your control, so insurance should be a priority on your pack list.  Considering the unpredictable nature, remote destinations and conditions encountered on many of our tours it is required to have emergency medical services and/or evacuation transportation.

And as flight schedules can change rather frequently on many African Airlines, trip cancellation/interruption insurance is also handy to get.

It’s best to purchase your travel insurance as far in advance as possible. Pre-existing medical conditions are usually not covered if you buy the insurance more than 14 days after your initial payment, and if you think you may need to cancel for any reasons, you will also need to purchase the insurance within 14 days. So it is just generally “good practice” to make that extra investment in insurance at this stage. We recommend that you get insurance on your flights when you purchase them, and on your safari or vacation when you pay the deposit (quite early  before your trip).

Pack your worries away, safe guard your holiday.

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