Expert’s advice – According to the choice of your destination, our experts are here to answer your questions, whether you wonder about the cultural aspects of a program, the difficulty of a circuit, the climate, the formalities or the health precautions. A team that knows the ground reality perfectly is here to answer your questions on short notice (less than 24h).

High quality services – On each of our tours, you will benefit from high quality services – whether it is the choice of the guide, the accompanying team, the air and topographical transportation, accommodation, material or food. A regular follow-up by World Air Travel and Tours representative is assured in order to prolong the quality of our services.

A large variety of programs and services – We have chosen a select number of regions that we like and that we know particularly well. In these specific destinations, we can offer you a comprehensive experience in terms of activities, transportation, accommodations, comfort and length. We offer a wide range of journeys starting from cultural discovery to long original treks as well as trips to experience wildlife in their natural habitats.

Less expensive holidays, thanks to the absence of intermediaries  – Our presence in Tanzania ensures a much better quality/price ratio than that proposed by the agencies based in oversees. By avoiding the intermediaries, most of the price you pay goes to the local teams and you contribute in a more important way to economic progress of the country you visit. The right balance between the price, the quality of the service, healthy management and the equitable remuneration of our local teams are the criteria during the calculation of our prices. We scrupulously take care that all the staff involved is correctly remunerated and we never seek to strangle our partners financially (consultants, tour planners, guides, drivers, cooks…) to obtain artificially low prices.

Accompaniment –The guide is the cornerstone of your trip. He will assist you during your stay and he is responsible for your safety. He is selected for his capabilities, his grooming, his field experience, etc. Safari naturalists, Mountains guides, cultural guides or specialists of specific fields, we will always always trust professionals to accompany our guests, never amateurs. They are selected for their competence and qualities. They are often groomed by World Air Travel and Tours and are always specialists of their area’s. Assisted by the other members of the team (Tour planners, Senior managers, driver, cook, etc.), the guides are impassioned and attentive, and will share their knowledge and their love of the visited area. They will take pride in ensuring the success of your trip. They start the trip as guides but finish as best friends.

Our Fleet – We have a fleet of vehicles including Toyota Land cruisers 4X4, Toyota Hiace 4 x 4 Minibuses and 24 seater Toyota Coasters. Our safari vehicles also are equipped with HF radios, a cooler box and so you can take cold drinks with you for the often hot and dusty day’s safari. There are also binocular in each vehicle to assist with locating game or viewing game that is at a distance.

Affiliations – We are affiliated with organizations/associations that advocate excellence in travel and Tourism. This ensures quality, safety,  integrity, honesty and valueable services offered.

A commitment on the respect of the environment –Through constant efforts, World Air Travel and Tours  is committed to respect both natural and cultural environments. We dedicate ourselves to never leave the print of our passage on the ground of the areas crossed. It is a way of taking part in harmonious sustainable development.

Direct business relation with suppliers – We work closely with other direct or in-direct  suppliers in Tourism to ensure quality services.

Our instant response – Due to our latest communication facilities such as: telephone, e-mail, social online chat and mobile communication, you will be guaranteed timely response to your enquiries (less than 24 hours).