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The Mulala village is a typical rural setting on the southern slopes of Mt. Meru and surrounded by spectacular scenery. It lies 1,600 – 1,700m above see level and wind your way up the mountain through amazing lush, green vegetation dotted with small farms.

The mulala women have organized the following:
– A tour of Mama Anna’s quaint cheese making unit, this being the starting point of the tour
– A nice garden where you can relax and enjoy a beverage or a simple, traditional meal
– Guided tours criss-crossing coffee and banana farms, walking through the forest reserve or by the Marisha river bank and enjoying spectacular views of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro Agape Women Traditional Activities tour (1 to 2 hours) Visit the farms of the Agape Women’s Group.

The women will explain their farming methods and show you the various economic activities they have started, like cheese making, bread-making, flower seeds, chill growing and sewing. Mt. Meru forest reserve tour (1 to 2 hours) Walk into the forest reserve and climb up to the foothills of Mt. Meru, crossing the beautiful natural forest, home to many species of birds and monkeys.

Marisha river tour (2 hours)
Enjoy the scenic Marisha river bank, thick with tropical vegetation and home to colourful birds and primates. The guide will show you the most common medicinal plants used by the villagers. You may continue to the Ziwa la Mzungu (Whiteman’s lake) to see a big colony of fruit bats.

Lemeka Hill tour ( 2 hours)
Criss-cross the coffee and banana farms and head up Lemeka Hill for breathtaking views of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro and of the Maasai plains. Also visit the farm of Moses Karoiya, the traditional healer of the village.

Income from tourist visits will be used to improve the school buildings, the kindergarten and the dispensary





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