Mount Oldonyo-Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai is an active volcano in northern Tanzania, lying just south of Lake Natron. It is located in the Rift Valley, in the heart of Masaai country, and locally regarded as a sacred mountain.

Looking north from its summit crater, the hot barren salt flats of Lake Natron stretch into the distance. To the south stretch the Crater Highlands and the Ngorongoro Game Reserve. The eastern horizon is dominated by Kilimanjaro and to the west the forested escarpments and hills comprising the western slopes of the Rift Valley.

About every seven years Lengai erupts and plumes of smoke billow out of the crater. It is usually possible to walk across the crater floor, often to the edge of the molten lavas.

The ascent of Lengai is demanding on account of the heat during the day, lack of water, steep and unstable slopes of ash and crumbly rocks and the considerable height gain (1,600).

Starting at midnight from Lake Natron it is just possible to reach the summit by dawn at a gentle pace. Although shorts and a warm jacket are suitable for the ascent, long trousers might be more pleasant as the summit just before dawn can be cold. Our access route from the north-west allows an early descent to be made from the summit in the morning shadow.

We offer a fully guided climb, the trip is suitable for a fit mountain walker with some scrambling experience.

In the early morning (6:00 AM) we drive to the base of the Ol Doinyo Lengai mountain to start the climb. We reach the summit during sunrise and spend sometime there before coming down to the base of the mountain. From there clients will be transferred by jeep to your camp/lodge for a shower and rest.

The Ol Donyo Lengai trek can be included in your Northern Tanzania Safari. Contact World Air Travel & Tours to book your safari climbing Ol Donyo Lengai.

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