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In close proximity to the picturesque slopes of Mt. Meru, Tengeru is 13 km from Arusha town along the Arusha- Moshi/Dar es Salaam road.
The following is offered:
– A glimpse of Meru culture
– A visit to a local farms owned and managed by members of the Patandi Women’s Group
– A guided tour to the legendary Chief’s compound to see his handicrafts and artifacts, followed by a hiking tour up Mt. Meru
– A visit to families with disabled children in the village to exchange ideas on family planning and HIV/ AIDS
– An introduction to village Environmental Conservation Initiative (VECI)

– Attending the church service on Sunday
– A taste of locally prepared coffee and learning about the bio-gas Plant
– Entertainment by local theatre works around a bonfire

Visit to a local primary school (2 hours)
Visit any of the three primary schools in the vicinity. One is a normal primary school, the second a Special school for the handicapped and the third a Teaching practice school. Meet the children and Participate in their activities.

Patandi Bush tour (3 hours)
Visit the Patandi village and the homes of the villagers. See the farms, cattle rearing and coffee making process.

Lake Duluti tour (4 hours)
Walk to Lake Duluti, a caldera lake, and learn about the historical background and mysteries associated with it. A boat ride can be organized or enjoy watching the flora that abounds in the area.

River Malala eco tour (half day)
Take a nature walk along the river bank to enjoy scenery, birds, flowers and trees. Shimbumbu Hill nature expedition (half day) Walk through banana and coffee plantations and after crossing the river Malala, ascend to the top of Shimbumbu Hill and to the Msese caves

Kimundo excursion (3 days)
Visit an African chiefdom, Khum Springs and the Maasai-Kwevi point near River Malala. Hear the story connected with these sites. Enjoy the Mangalia waterfall and go on to pay tribute to two young missionaries at a nearby graveyard. Later, go hiking up the Majestic Mt. Meru. Songs: Enjoy local singing, dancing and poetry of the Meru culture around a bonfire at Night. Shopping: Join the locals in their evening shopping and buy yourself a souvenir.

Income from tourist visits will be used to educate AIDS orphans and to develop the Mavinuni Primary School.





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