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An authentic Maasai Boma with Maasai-Museum & overnight facilities in Tanzania. “Olpopongi” provides a unique Maasai & Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand; Just 74 km from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha.

Our aim is YOU to share the authentic Maasai life & culture in a 100% traditional built village (Boma) with a unique museum, rather than taking tourists to private Maasai-Villages and destroy the Maasai native homes, behaviors and environment. Our Eco-Tourism Tours do provide the maximum respect to the Maasai tribe and a maximum education & excite-ment to our valu-able clients.

“Olpopongi Maasai-Village” was planned and built by a multi-cultural construction team, dominated by more than 50 Maasai women & men from the nearby Tinga-Tinga Maasai-Village. All houses are built the traditional way with local and natural materials only – similar to those ones of the nearby Maasai people. Only some additions, such as exterior washrooms and the kitchen, are different from the Maasai culture, but built for your hygienic safety & full satisfaction.

Olpopongi Maasai-Village offers the following;

– Day tours & museum
– Overnight tours & traditional Maasai BBQ
– Traditional events and cultural celebrations
– Authentic Maasai jewellery
– Walking safaris
– Weekend specials/events

Package A

“Day Tour” – Cultural Day Tour with Lunch & Walking Safari
Spend your day in the authentic Maasai-Village “Olpopongi” and share the Maasai life.
Museum & Village Tour / Traditional Lunch / Walking Safari in the Maasai territory / Learn about Maasai hunting techniques and incredible natural medicines.

Package B
“Overnight” – Cultural Day Tour & Full board arrangement in the Maasai Village
Spend your day & night in the authentic Maasai-Village “Olpopongi” and share 24 hours with native Maasai.
Museum & Village Tour / Traditional Lunch / Walking Safari in the Maasai territory / Learn about Maasai hunting techniques and about incredible natural medicine – plus evening program with Maasai ceremonies, Campfire & BBQ / Breakfast
Enjoy a unique and unforgettable evening under the Tanzania starry sky with BBQ & Maasai traditional ceremony before you find yourself sleeping on a comfortable Cow-hide bed in your private Maasai-house.

The value of your visit
Your “Olpopongi” visit does also support local Maasai families with water, food, employment, personal income, medical treatments and education. All Maasai-Jewellery on sale is hand-made and produced by the local Maasai women of other nearby villages.

Our guides
All Museum tours & Walking Safaris are performed by experienced English speaking Maasai-guides. It’s your opportunity to meet and share life experiences with a Maasai warrior and the community of Olpopongi.





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