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The Ee-yeiyo Cultural Tourism is located 25 kms Northeast of the town of Arusha, off Arusha-Moshi road on Momela road next door to the Arusha National Park. With a breathtaking view of Mt. Meru the home of Wa-Meru tribe who live around the revered Mountain, ee-yeiyo highlights the unique Cultural wealth of the tribe. Including focusing on economic and environmental concerns of the local community.

The tour will take you inside the traditional domed houses. You will learn the History of the Wa-Meru tribe and their way of life through their artefacts, which adorn the walls. See the amaizing architecture.

The houses are made of natural material and thatched with banana bark. Learn how Wa-Meru practiced Sorcery, witchcraft, worshipped at ancestral shrines and other rituals.

You will also enjoy a myriad of bird nests on an acacia tree, see the round thorny enclosure where the goats and cows spend their day, and the chicken coop nearby. Walk into the banana, Coffee and fruit patch. Follow a path leading to the bee hive bush (stingless bees). Witness the tiny gentle insects hard at work. Get to the bottom of the farm, sit by the empty river and experience the silence and tranquility. Follow the trail back to the compound for a refreshing cup of Coffee, herbal tea or a taste of the local brew (Warri wa Umbi).

You will also experience Wa-Meru hospitality, share their food and language. Participate in the preparation of traditional dishes which kept them healthy and free from life threatening illnesses. The Ee-yeiyo tour will take you to a  traditional homestead housing a Cultural Museum of Wa-Meru tribe, visit to the traditional meeting place (Nringaringa) waterfalls tour the surrounding villages You will learn the process of preparation and sampling of local dishes and participate in craft making with Cultural Women group (Vakyeku). This is a group of traditional dancers made up of widows and old women. Join in their song and dance (Mbere). Take part in bead and handicraft making.

A day cannot end without an Ethno-botanical tour: Identification of indigenous medicinal plants and herbs. Also later in the day the tour will give you an opportunity to join in the day to day activities of feeding chickens, goats and cows, fetching water, tilling with hoes that defy technology, planting, weeding, harvesting, pounding, grinding. Learn how to extract honey from the small stingless bees. The honey is known for its antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties. Learn the names and uses of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs and trees. Learn how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together.

Volunteer and make a difference. Take part in an environmental conservation exercise. Join eeyeiyo’s “plant a tree and keep it alive” project: A chance to interact with and encourage the local community to be proactive in environmental matters. Trees will be planted in schools and along rivers. This can only be done during the rainy season (end of March–May, sometimes October through December). After planting, follow up visits are made throughout the dry season. This is in line with our belief, that the environment is an integral part of our lives. Taking care of it is taking care of ourselves.

A walk to a nearby dark pool (Nrruva Shuu) and also visit to the source of the River Usa. In some days you may experience a traditional Wa-Meru wedding ceremony. Enjoy Wa-Meru traditional wedding with all its frills to those who wish to extend their love story to Meru. The Bride and Groom are guaranteed a day to remember at an affordable package. You won’t need a wedding gown or suit. Come. All will be provided for, to your satisfaction. Book with us well in advance, at least two months before the wedding; as there might be a long waiting list.

Income from tourists/visitors is used for various Community Development Projects.





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