Horse Riding Safari

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse – that is not only a saying, but very true. Even for a safari it is a great experience and interesting perspective to ride on a horse. You ride through beautiful landscapes, you sit comfortably but are active on the same time and you can watch the wild animals without a window in between and off the touristic paths.

In Tanzania there are several opportunities for horse riding safaris in different areas. Your guides are well trained and very qualified with horses. And even the horses are used to carry tourists, so don’t worry. You can choose between different routes according to your riding experience.

You can ride in some national parks, near Kilimanjaro and on private farms and ranches. Even the great wildebeest migration can be partly followed on the back of a horse. The tours can be for only one day or several days with night stays in safari camps.A must for every rider and nature lover!

If you are interested in this life time adventure, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange a complete horse riding safari for you of just include it into your itinerary between normal game drives and other tours. Almost everything is possible, because our aim is to fulfill your safari dreams!

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