Lodge Safari

A safari lodge is accommodation located in the wilderness – a classic safari experience. A Tanzania lodge safari puts you in the heart of African bush but with all the comforts of a hotel.

Safari lodges are small and private affairs, nestled into wilderness areas and from where you can venture out on your Tanzania safari. Lodges range from rustic bush camps, through tented camps, to the height of luxury, an echo of Africa of previous centuries. Most Tanzania safari lodges are located in or near national parks, conservation areas or game reserves. You will often see wildlife from your chalet or the veranda of the safari lodge.

Chalets in a safari lodge are often separate buildings, each with its own bedroom, bathroom and terrace. The lodge grounds are private and protected by guards to ensure your safety.

World Air Travel and Tours works hand in hand with a select number of Tanzania safari lodges in all of our destinations to ensure you receive quality service and enjoy a truly exceptional safari in Tanzania. We can recommend a selection of lodges to suit your budget.

To find out more about a lodge safari or to book a specific safari lodge in Tanzania, please contact World Air Travel & Tours.

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