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Situated on the Western side of Serengeti National Park, 45Km from Ikoma gate, Serengeti Cultural Tourism Programme exposes visitors to the way of life of the Kurya people. Great landscape with iconic Kopjes which are habitat and breeding ground for various mammal species and other wildlife can be explored in different ways that makes you enjoy.

The area around is live with wildlife and one part is a section of the Serengeti wildebeest Migration route where with proper timing, you will witness animals on the move to the Northern part of Serengeti ecosystem.

What to do:
– Visit to Wakurya Bomas
– Mugumu town tour
– A visit to Serengeti Cultural centre
– Camping at Serengeti Cultural centre
– Traditional dancing of your choice among the 7 famous tribal dances around
– Visit to traditional healer to learn how people have been treated from memorial times
– Visit community development projects, local schools and health centres found in the area. See how people are struggling to overcome the big human enemies: Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease
– Farm tour: see how people practice different forms of agriculture
– A stay with Wakurya family to enjoy traditional food and their unique lifestyle

There are various options for the tours:
Half day tour:
Walk through Mugumu town, to the local market, precede to the local art gallery and local shoe makers. Proceed to local settlements in the town to Serengeti Cultural Centre where a collection of various traditional artifacts is found in a small Museum. Visit a large Kopje found in the village which is a breeding ground for various mammals and birds as well.

Full day tour:
Walk to through a village and visit a traditional Wakurya boma, to explore the culture of the people who have coexisted for many years with migratory wild animals of Serengeti ecosystem. Visit the kopjes found on village land get an insight of small scale farming by walking through small farms of millet, cassava and maize. Participate in various activities such as: grazing cattle in the field, milking cattle, fetching water from the river, participate in local food preparation. You can then visit a most respected traditional healer of the Wakurya tribe and listen to stories that make people understand African life in deep. Finally visit a local market with fresh farm produce and a cattle market found in our home town.

Traditional Dancing:
The energetic Wa-Kurya traditional dancers will give you an insight into Wakurya culture by their captivating songs and dancing. You can watch, experience and even participate in a variety of dances symbolising various occasions and traditional events such as: Dances for bride-price giving, circumcision, marriage ceremony, warriors’ victory celebration after winning a war, ceremony for retirement of a chief and other traditional events.

Two options exist: Bringing the dance to the people or bringing people to the dance at Serengeti Cultural Centre

Community Development activities: Schools visit and tree planting: Visit a local school where you can interact with students and teachers. Arrangements are made to allow maximum interaction with students where you can exchange and learn from teach each other, play various games. This is also accompanied by planting a friendship tree that will bear your two names as friends. Your new friend will continue taking care of the tree as a sign for your friendship. You will become a real friend of Serengeti ecosystem. It is an opportunity for you to do something so that “Serengeti Shall Never Die”.

Getting there: Serengeti Cultural Tourism Enterprise is located in Western Serengeti about 45 Km from Ikoma gate of Serengeti National Park.





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