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This tour will take you to Lake Eyasi located in the Rift Valley South of Ngorongoro Highlands. This saline lake is home to various rare fish species, rare birds and reptiles to mention a few. It is beautifully fringed by the Great Rift walls to the west and the highland to the North offering a magnificent view. This great landscape is home to the last known Hunter-Gatherer community the ‘Hadzabe’ living by hunting, honey and fruit gathering life style. Experience the life of nomadic Datoga living closer to the Hadzabe.

Enjoy Fishing with local fishermen in Lake Eyasi. You can also do Canoeing safari in Lake Eyasi though its seasonal (please contact us in advance)

You can also do Bushmen (Hadzabe) Trekking Day trips to Hadzabe hiding caves to participate in collecting fruits, wild honey gathering and try your skills on using Hadzabe bow and arrow, try your luck in a hunt. With little luck you may experience a successful kill. Part of the meat will be eaten among the hunters, while the rest will be taken home for their wives and children’s.

A visit to Bushmen caves on Rocks with paints Datoga Cultural tour Drive to Datoga resident area and make a tour to a Boma where you will meet a family, listen to stories about their way of life. You will also get a chance to visit Datoga traditional Healer and discover traditional herbs that cure various diseases. Later visit to black smith to experience ancient black smith skills.

Lake Eyasi:
Visit the farmers who will welcome you in their small patches of land and explain the way they practice their farming. Visitors will get an opportunity to explore the popular and very interesting onion farming activity not forgetting maize, and beans farms in the area.Learn about soil conservation techniques and local ways of storing the farm produce.





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